About Us

Brief History

Springfield Faith Center began May 1981 as a church plant of Eugene Faith Center.  We met at Briggs Middle School under the leadership of  Pastor Rob Tucker.  At that time, we were the largest incorporated church in Springfield without its own building.  May of 1985 ushered in the completion of the building we currently occupy at 600 Hayden Bridge Way.  Pastor Tucker was Senior Pastor until 1995 when Dave Lanning took over and has since held the position of Senior Pastor.


People who visited have commented that we are a very friendly, down to earth group of people.  Our people are very generous, supporting Missions and many local outreaches.  We have a diversity of age groups and love meeting new people!

Worship Services

We endeavor to hear and honor the Lord in all our services.

There are a diversity of leading styles during the Praise and Worship portion of our services, while Pastor Dave takes the major speaking role.  We try to give continuity to the weekend services by having the same worship teams and speakers at all three services.  Wednesday night services include; worship, prayer and a short teaching from the Bible.