Middle School

Middle School Youth Group

At Middle School Group we believe that we should come to the end of ourselves so that God may run and guide our lives. To leave ourselves behind, and allow God to do what He intended, and live the life we are designed for. Our vision is to create relationships that will allow us to speak into the lives of people and help them come to the end of themselves, so that the Holy Spirit can work on character. Our mission statement is to create situations that the Holy Spirit can change character and create a deep intimate relationship with God.

Middle School Group is about

  • Growth and finding what a person is designed to be
  • Letting the Holy Spirit work and produce fruit
  • Relationships are important
  • Thinking about what we believe and read
  • Simple faith based not on works but on relationships

Join us at the Youth House, 11am Sunday mornings, and 7pm Wednesday evenings. The youth house is the building at the southeast corner of the SFC parking lot.

We communicate regularly about events and important information on the SFC Middle School Group facebook page.