Men’s Ministry

We believe…

That deep down, at the core of every man lays a heart that desperately desires to come through, to make a difference in his world and to be a hero in the eyes of those that are closest to him. It is also our belief that this is exactly the man that our Father in Heaven has created you to be.

It is the wounds of our past, the efforts of the enemy and our own sabotaging flesh that has succeeded in convincing us that the man that we always wished we would be is unattainable. So, we hide behind our masks, allowing few people in, if any, and living in a world that further convinces us that we have nothing to offer, except to be a really nice guy.

It is our belief that the man that you always wished you were and the man that God intended when he created you is the same man. It is written on your heart by our Father, and it is that man that the world requires! Jesus came to this world to be a liberator, to break the chains of the lies of the enemy and our past, to heal our wounds and set us free (Isaiah 61:1-3)! And now he calls us, to allow Him to reveal to us our true selves and to join Him in THE ADVENTURE STORY OF THE AGES that we couldn’t even imagine (John 10:10).