Our Mission & Goal

Our Mission

We are dedicated to lead men to discover their true identity in Christ. To equip them to actively live out their lives from a heart that is fully alive and to develop an Army of Men who are committed to the laying down of their lives for Christ, for their families and for one another. And dedicated to the vision of leading other’s to discover the Freedom and Liberty that is only to be found through Christ!

Our Goal

  • To discover new, strategic ways to reach a man “where he is”. To train him in the way that he learns and to address issues and needs that are directly relevant to his life now!
  • To help men to discover the “Man” that God intended when He created them!
  • To encourage and assist our leaders to identify their areas of giftedness and to release them to lead in those areas!
  • To train our leadership to identify and train other potential leaders!
  • To draw men into STRONG, DYNAMIC “BAND OF BROTHER” partnerships with one another!
  • To help men discover what it means to be a Christian Man
    • What is a Christian Man?
    • What does it mean to follow Christ… as a Man?
    • What is a Man’s strength for? What does he REALLY have to offer the world?
    • Is EVERY man a Leader?
  • To equip men with an immediately applicable “Tool Box” of resources and relevant hands on experience to meet the challenges that face today’s Christian Man!
  • To build up an army of men who are willing to FIGHT… “for their Brothers, their Sons and their Daughters, their Wives and their Homes” (Neh. 4:14)
  • To train men how to recognize the tactics of the enemy and develop strategies to take their stand and put up a victorious fight!
  • To understand and use the weapons at their disposal to go beyond defense and begin to take the fight to the enemy!
  • To present these principles in an adventurous, culturally relevant and personally applicable manner in which each man can discover and apply these truths for themselves.