DISCOVER is a series of classes designed to help you learn about the nature of God, the heart of our church, and the ongoing process of growing your faith.


DISCOVER SFC Will give you an insightful look at how faith evolved throughout human history, and why that matters today. We’ll also unpack the vision and values we strive to embody, explain a few of the fun quirks that make our church unique, and outline the many ways to get more involved.

Below are the upcoming dates for DISCOVER SFC: 

July 14th

September 15th

November 10th


DISCOVER DISCIPLINES Will show you how to arrange your everyday life in a way that expands and enriches your faith. We’ll discuss the power of ancient spiritual disciplines, give you practical tips and tools to apply them in a modern context, and help you make an action plan to deepen your relationship with God.

Lunch and childcare are always provided. And you’re guaranteed to meet new people that will help you feel more seen, valued, and connected. We suggest you take DISCOVER as soon as you’re able.