Who is Jesus? - Wrong Answers Only

March 20, 2022 Pastor: Daniel Lanning Series: Mark: The Forgotten Gospel

Scripture: Mark 3:20–35


Mark 3:20-35

The Structure:

  • What his family says about him.
  • What the scribes say about him.
  • Jesus responds by talking about the nature of the kingdom.
  • Jesus counters the accusation of the scribes, and describes the danger they are in.
  • Jesus counters the accusation of his family, and describes unity in the kingdom.

The Accusations:

Mark 3:20-22

  • Jesus’ own family members think that he has “lost his senses.” 
  • The scribes think that he is “possessed by Beelzebul.”

The Nature of the Kingdom, and of Forgiveness:

Mark 3:23-35

  • A kingdom or house divided against itself cannot stand. 
  • God is strong enough to bind the “strong man”, enter his house, and plunder his “property.”
  • “Who can forgive sins but God alone?”
  • If we reject God as the source of forgiveness, there is no other way to be forgiven.
  • Identity in the Kingdom of God is less about where you come from, and more about who you’re following.

Final Thoughts:

  • The most important question we can answer: who is Jesus?
  • We will always need the forgiveness that God offers. 
  • Living in the Kingdom is about learning how to follow Jesus, not just being associated with him.

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