A Scandalous Homecoming

May 8, 2022 Pastor: Brandon Babcock Series: Mark: The Forgotten Gospel

Scripture: Mark 6:1–6, Mark 8:34, James 2:14–26, John 15:18–25, 1 Peter 4:12–18


Mark 6:1-6

The Story:

Mark 6:1-6

  • Crowd at home was amazed by his abilities, wisdom, & miracles.
  • Crowd at home questioned the source of his authority.
  • Crowd at home was offended by his message.
  • Jesus was disturbed by the lack of faith.

Lessons from Nazareth:

Mark 8:34, James 2:14-26, John 15:18-25, 1 Peter 4:12-18

  1. There is an immense difference between having faith in Jesus and having facts or feelings about Jesus.
  2. Followers of Jesus are to remain faithful to the mission and message of the kingdom of God regardless of the response.

Ex: Amazement, questioning, dismissal, rejection, etc.

Challenging Question:

  • How disturbed or amazed is Jesus by my measure of faith?

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