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January 22, 2023

Hope in the Darkest Hour

Preacher: Daniel Lanning Series: Mark: The Forgotten Gospel Scripture: Mark 15:40– 16:8


Mark 15:40-16:8

Faithfulness and Hope:

Matthew 27:55-28:8, Luke 23:49-24:12, John 19:31-20:9

  • The women show up to care for Jesus’ needs.
  • Joseph risks his position and standing to do what he can for Jesus.
  • Jesus is the firstborn of God’s new resurrection, and the promise of what God has prepared for us. 

Taking it Home:

  • Faithfulness is showing up to offer what you have.
  • Your failures will not stop Jesus from inviting you into his kingdom.
  • How is today different because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

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