Is It Legal?

February 27, 2022 Pastor: Brandon Babcock Series: Mark: The Forgotten Gospel

Scripture: Mark 3:1–6, Mark 2:18–28, 1 Samuel 15:22, Exodus 20:13, Matthew 5:21–26, Matthew 23:1–4, Matthew 23:23–24


Mark 3:1-6

The Trap, The Question, and The Response:

Mark 2:23-28, Mark 3:1-6 

  • The Lord of the Sabbath is showing his lordship over the Sabbath. 
  • The first part of the question refers to the healing of the man.
  • The second part of the question refers to Jesus and the actions of the Pharisees that follow.
  • Pharisees and Herodians? The opposition against Jesus is spiritual and political.

Avoiding Hardness of Heart

Mark 2:18-28, 1 Samuel 15:22, Exodus 20:13 & Matthew 5:21-26, Matthew 23:1-4 & 23-24

  1. Learn to embrace the new thing God is doing.
  2. Know that God desires my joyful obedience to the spirit of the law not blind ritualistic adherence the letter of the law.
  3. Love people more than rituals and ideas.

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