The Shape of Discipleship

March 13, 2022 Pastor: Daniel Lanning Series: Mark: The Forgotten Gospel

Scripture: Mark 3:13–19


Mark 3:13-19

The Twelve:

Mark 3:16-19

  • Jesus’ disciples are a remarkably diverse bunch.

The Call:

Mark 3:13-15

  • Jesus chose his disciples deliberately, and they responded
  • They are the first of God’s new people.
  • The first job of the disciples was to be with Jesus.
  • The second was to be sent out by Jesus:
  • To preach the good news of the kingdom…
  • And to destroy the work of the enemy.

Final Thoughts and Challenges

  1. What is your response to Jesus?
  2. How has he been with you today?
  3. What does being sent look like for you? 

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