On The Way To Jerusalem

September 11, 2022 Pastor: Bev Lenhart Series: Mark: The Forgotten Gospel

Scripture: Mark 10:32–45, Isaiah 51:22, Ezekiel 23, Revelation 14:9–11, 1 Peter 3:20–21

The Story:

  • Jesus’ whole life was leading to the cross.
  • The cup and baptism represent the wrath of God and the anger of God.
  • The sign of a follower of Jesus is serving.
  • Jesus came to fulfill God’s plan.

Take Home:

Isaiah 51:22, Ezekiel 23, Revelation 14:9-11, 1 Peter 3:20-21

  1. Jesus took on God’s wrath for us.
  2. Jesus was always the plan.
  3. Real evidence of greatness in God’s kingdom is serving.

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