November 20, 2022

Stand Firm

Preacher: Brandon Babcock Series: Mark: The Forgotten Gospel Scripture: Mark 13:1–37


Mark 13:1-37

Understanding the Chapter:

Mark 13:1-37, Daniel 11:31, 12:11, Isaiah 13:10, 34:4, Daniel 7:13-14

  • The main subject of the chapter is the fall of the Temple.
    • Foreign armies overtake the Temple
    • Birth pains
    • Desolating Abomination
    • Deceivers
    • Prophetic images of cosmic catastrophe
  • The fall of the Temple is the sure sign that God had vindicated Jesus as the true Messiah.
  • The whole issue is left to God’s control.

What Does This Mean For Us?:

  • In the midst of uncertainty and the unknown, God is in control.
  • The passage helps us understand the sort of people that followers of Jesus are called to be. 

Those who take seriously the call to …

  • Trust the words and warnings of Jesus.
  • Watch out and be alert.
  • Be faithful to God in a compromising world.

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